North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Company (19001948) [further information can be found by clicking here]

HGY094: St. Ann’s Road, south side, opposite Chestnuts Recreation Ground; N15;
30th May 2023


ENF095: Ladysmith Road, opposite junction with Sketty Road; EN1;
30th July 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF120: Hertford Road, at junction with Green Street, north-east corner; EN3;
30th March 2013 [courtesy of John Liffen]


HGY057: West Road, east side, about 100m south of junction with Brantwood Road; N17;
7th April 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen]


HGY052: Cornwall Road, east side, just south of former railway bridge; N15;
7th April 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen]


BAR065: Buxted Road, at junction with Petworth Road; N12;
18th May 2020


ENF027: Parsonage Lane, at junction with Churchbury Lane at side of no.78 Churchbury Lane; EN1;
5th May 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


BRE014: Crawford Avenue, west side, near junction with Harrow Road; HA0;
19th August 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF146: Town Road, outside no.155; N9;
4th August 2022 [courtesy of John Liffen]


HGY051: Vale Road, on sub-station wall [no.99 possibly]; N4;
7th April 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen]

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