General Post Office [further information can be found by clicking here]

K&C004: Holland Park station building, Holland Park Avenue; W11;
3rd July 1983


ENF015: Bush Hill, outside no.55; N21;
22nd June 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF099: Forty Hill, outside no.78; EN2;
3rd September 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


RED001: Longbridge Road, outside no.515; IG11;
14th February 2016


BXY001: London Road (A207 Watling Street) outside no.109; DA6;
27th November 2017


GRN003: Charlton Park Lane, middway along frontage of cemetery, SE7;
16th June 2021 [courtesy of Chris Leadbeater]


WMR001: Apsley Gate, Hyde Park Corner, outside west boundary wall of Apsley House; W1;
2nd September 2015 [courtesy of John Liffen]


BAR045: Grove Road, outside no.6; N12;
5th June 2020


BAR046: Torrington Park, outside no.44; N12;
5th June 2020


HAV008: Gatwick Way, outside no.16; RM12;
1st October 2020 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


HAV016: Randall Drive, outside no.74;
18th February 2021 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


HAV025: Hacton Drive, outside no.33; RM12;
13th March 2021 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


BAR074: Alexandra Grove, outside no.9; N12;
29th June 2020


BAR047: Woodhouse Road, at junction with Woodgrange Avenue; N12;
28th May 2020


BAR048: High Road Whetstone, outside no.1158; N20;
27th February 2016


BAR049: High Road Whetstone, east side, midway between Derwent Cresent and Britannia Road; N12;
27th February 2016


WMR018: Bayswater Road, outside no.100; W2;
25th January 2022


BAR050: Friern Barnet Road, outside no.14; N11;
23rd May 2020


CAM036: Fortune Green Road, outside no.58; NW5;
15th August 2021


BAR051: High Road East Finchley, east side, outside no.336; N2;
30th May 2020


BAR052: High Road North Finchley, east side, opposite Granville Court; N12;
30th May 2020


BAR053: Friern Barnet Road, south side at junction with St. Johns Avenue; N11;
23rd May 2020


BAR054: Woodhouse Road, at junction with Schoolway; N12;
28th May 2020


ISL001: Junction Road, entrance to no.207A; N19;
18th September 2019


HAV021: North Street, outside no.22; RM11;
28th February 2021 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


HAV027: North Street, at junction with South Street; RM1;
13th March 2021 [courtesy of Steve Smith]

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