Fire Hydrant Markers [further information can be found by clicking here]

MER005: London Road, town centre on vestry wall; CR4;
2nd September 2021


ENF147: South Street, outside no.27; EN3;
4th August 2022 [courtesy of John Liffen]


NHM010: outside 426 Romford Road; E7;
25th October 2015


SWK003: Old Kent Road, north side, on wall of Kingsley Flats; SE1;
14th October 2021


SWK004: Old Kent Road, on wall of no.279; SE1;
13th October 2021


ISL048: Holloway Road, on wall of no.152; N7;
29th October 2021


ISL051: Drayton Park, on wall of no.82; N5;
15th April 2024 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


WND009: Trinity Road, Glenburnie Road, at junction with Trinity Road; SW17;
2nd September 2021


ISL028: Upper Street, on wall of no.303; N1;
10th June 2021


CAM050: Grays Inn Road, on wall of no.251, at junction with Argyle Street; WC1;
21st October 2023 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF082: Berkeley Gardens, outside no.21; N21;
24th June 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF083: Berkeley Gardens, outside no.47; N21;
24th June 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


ENF084: Cranwich Avenue, outside no.17; N21;
30th June 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


H&F019: Lillie Road, at junction with Purcell Crescent [western junction]; SW6;
7th October 2021


K&C008: Kensington Road, north side, opposite Kensington Court; W8;
1st December 2022


ENF141: St. Mark’s Road, at junction with First Avenue;  EN1;
16th August 2015


ISL027: Upper Street, at junction with St. Mary’s Path; N1;
10th June 2021


ISL026: Upper Street, at junction with St. Albans Place, north corner; N1;
10th June 2021


HCK011: Green Lanes, east side, almost opposite Riversdale Road; N16;
29th August 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]


HGY070: The Plantation, roundabout refuge at top of Muswell Hill; N10;
7th November 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen]


WND003: Upper Richmond Road, outside nos.162-164; SW15;
21st September 2020 [courtesy of John Liffen]

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