War Department [further information can be found by clicking here]

GRN007: Frances Street, east side, at junction with Artillery Place; SE18;
11th September 2021 [courtesy of Chris Leadbeater]


H&F003: Scrubs Lane, east side, about 50 metres south of railway bridge; W10;
13th March 2015


H&F004: Mitre Way, at junction with Scrubs Lane, south corner; W10;
3rd July 2015


H&F005: Mitre Way, south side, just south of railway overbridge; W10;
23rd July 2015


GRN002: Shooters Hill, outside no.25; SE18;
20th May 2021 [courtesy of Chris Leadbeater]


BAR069: Frith Lane, between industrial estate access roads, about 100 metres north of railway overbridge; NW7;
18th March 2017


BAR071: Frith Lane, just south of junction with Morphou Road; NW7;
18th March 2017

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