Useful Links
The website of Mike Horne, technical writer and researcher. There are articles about a wide range of transport related, technical and historical topics. On this site are some published but little known works that may or may not have been partly updated, together with various texts that have been written for one reason or another and have not been published at all, or at least not yet. This site is well worth a look.
Tube Map Central
This is the website of Maxwell Roberts. He is interested in the history of the London Underground map, and the design and use of transport maps and wayfinding information in general. By training he is a psychologist, specialising in how people make decisions on the basis of information available. In many ways, a transport map can be seen as a logic puzzle: given information about the routes, how do people plan the best possible journey? Most importantly, in what way does the design of a map make life easy or difficult for people? The London Underground map is often cited as an example of outstanding design, but in many ways he thinks there is considerable room for improvement. (And I agree.)
Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a long-established transport professional, specializing in bus information in London. His site has a generous offering of vehicle images as well as providing the only bus map for London. His range of current and historic London bus maps is impressive, reliable and extensive.



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