Traffic Signs Pre-1965: Warning [further information can be found by clicking here]

H&F010: Hammersmith Bridge Road, east side; W6;
6th September 1981


BAR109: Hill Top; NW11;
17th July 1982


CAM026: Swains Lane; N6;
3rd April 1983


[no inventory reference: now defunct Cobham Bus Museum];
10th April 1983


BAR110: Hampstead Lane, west side, about 50 metres before junction with Winnington Road; NW3;
12th November 1983


TWH002: Burdett Road [probably west side about 15 metres south of Agnes Street]; E14;
21st July 1984


EAL013: Horn Lane, outside no.264; W3;
5th August 1984


BAR111: Hampstead Lane, outside no.52; NW3;
2nd September 1984


CAM027: Spaniards Road, outside Stafford House; NW3;
2nd September 1984


CAM028: Prince of Wales Road, at junction with Dalby Street; NW5;
2nd September 1984


CAM029: Kingsway underpass exit, Holborn; WC2;
3rd February 1985


CAM030: Kingsway; WC2;
3rd February 1985

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