County of London Electricity Supply Company (1904–1948)

ISL041: South Place, at junction with Dominion Street, north-west corner; EC2;
27th June 2021 [courtesy of John Liffen


HAV030: Main Road, south side, opposite town hall car park; RM1;
17th April 2022 [courtesy of Steve Smith]


WND008: Tooting High Road, north side, near junction with Trinity Road; SW17;
2nd September 2021


SWK001: Old Kent Road, outside no.722B; SE15;
12th October 2021


SWK002: Old Kent Road, south side, opposite Murdock Street; SE15;
12th October 2021


CAM040: Rosebery Avenue, outside no.25; EC1;
18th April 2022

* * *