Friern Barnet Urban District Council (1894–1965)

BAR126: Friern Barnet Lane, at junction with Queenswell Avenue, north corner; N20;
2nd April 2021


BAR075: Alexandra Grove, outside no.30; N12;
29th June 2020


BAR035: Hampden Road, east side, at corner of Pembroke Road; N10;
23rd September 2016


BAR036: Park View Crescent, outside no.3; N11;
22nd March 2015


BAR037: Ashurst Road, outside no.143; N12;
4th April 2016


BAR038: Friern Watch Avenue, outside no.60; N12;
5th June 2020


BAR039: Oakleigh Road South, at junction with Waterfall Road; N11;
22nd March 2015


BAR040: Ashurst Road, outside no.69; N12;
4th April 2016


BAR072: junction of Colney Hatch Lane and Friern Barnet Road, south-east corner; N11;
23rd June 2020


BAR041: junction of Hampden Road and Sydney Road, south-east corner; N10;
4th April 2016


BAR042: Ashurst Road, outside no.143; N12;
22nd September 2020


BAR043: Horsham Avenue, west side by entrance to Woodhouse Road service road; N12;
10th June 2020


BAR044: Friern Park, outside flats opposite no.60; N12;
5th June 2020

* * *