Finchley Urban District Council (1894–1933)

BAR023: Crescent Way, council lawn outside no.19; N12;
28th May 2020


BAR079: Regents Park Road, at junction with Charter Way; N3;
11th July 2020


BAR025: Friern Watch Avenue, outside The Watch flats, between nos.11 and 13; N12;
5th June 2020


BAR077: Manor View, on south corner of junction with Rosemary Avenue; N3;
11th July 2020


BAR099: St. Paul’s Way, outside no.11; N3;
31st August 2020


BAR026: Hampstead Lane, outside no.56; N6;
5th September 2014


BAR083: Fenstanton Avenue, outside no.2; N6;
25th July 2020


BAR027: [location not established];
16th August 2014


BAR028: Rasper Road, outside no.35; N12;
27th February 2016


BAR029: Woodhouse Road, north side, outside sports centre; N12;
27th February 2016


BAR030: Friern Watch Avenue, outside no.3; N12;
5th June 2020


BAR078: East End Road, south side, on corner of bus turning point by Basing Way; N3;
11th July 2020


BAR024: Long Lane, at junction with Vines Avenue; N3;
31st August 2020


BAR031: Grove Road, east side, by entrance to allotments; N12;
27th February 2016


BAR032: High Road East Finchley, on access road to Middleton House flats; N2;
21st June 2020


BAR033: Summers Lane, outside no.4 St. Johns Cottages; N12;
4th April 2016


BAR034: Summerlee Avenue, south-east corner at junction with Brompton Grove; N2;
18th October 2014

* * *