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About these Drawings

This is an attempt to create a realization of what trailer carriage number 163 looked like when in service. Please refer to the Realization Reference Booklet for a fuller explanation to the background leading to the creation of these drawings and sources used.

This sheet focuses on some of the construction aspects of coach 163 that could be established with some confidence from what had survived until May 2021. Several other areas could have been drawn in part, but with insufficient access, or because what remained was too incomplete, it was thought better not to include them and risk misleading readers in the future.

Realization Reference Booklet

This contains selected example photographs and other sources used to make decisions on points of detail that enabled this drawing to be created. The booklet should be consulted in connection with the Reference Numbers in blue blocks on this drawing.


COLOURS: the carriages were probably brown, though what shade is not known; exterior teak mouldings have been depicted in a mid brown and the metal panelling in a darker shade. A lighter brown has been used for teak flitch inserts for clarity.

DOORS: the outer edges of the doors were protected by a thin steel strip; the inner edges were protected by brass strips — concave on the left-hand door and convex on the right-hand.

drawing copyright Douglas Rose September 2021
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