London's Underground Edwardian Tile Patterns

Corrigenda – November 2022

Page 7, 1st and 2nd paragraph: Mike went to Brunel University while at the police lab and not before;

Page 8, 3rd paragraph: for ‘and wide circle of friends’, read ‘and a wide circle of friends’;

Page 12: there is an error with the figure numbering with ‘2’ omitted in the sequence – nothing is missing

Page 28, 3rd paragraph, last line: ‘different’ should be ‘difference’;

Page 38, 2nd paragraph 6th line: for ‘below’ read ‘left’

Page 49, upper caption: for ‘at same time’ read ‘at the same time’;

Page 70, 4th paragraph, 1st line: for ‘so far is English is’ read‘ ‘so far as English is’;

Page 78, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line: for ‘presenting it a very’ read ‘presenting it in a very’;

Page 85, 1st paragraph, 6th line: for ‘device’ read ‘devise’;

Page 88, 2nd paragraph, 5th line: for the fraction ‘1/72’ read a ratio ‘1:7’;

Page 93: ‘figure 88’ has slipped below the illustration.

* * *
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