A Better Underground Map
Click on the drawing below to zoom in; click and drag to pan. You can also use the tools at the bottom. The thumbnail graphic at the top left shows you where you are, in the blue box, and you can also drag that around for quick navigation.
I have designed a new map to remove many of the problems with the May 2022 Tube map and to incorporate the criteria I believe matter:
  • 30-degree diagonals used from the horizontal to allow space for station names;
  • wider map with a larger and more legible typeface, not in blue and not bold;
  • zig-zagging reduced to a minimum: (Thameslink reduced from 51 kinks to 34 and Overground reduced from 50 to 31);
  • station proximities depicted meaningfully wherever possible;
  • interchanges depicted for more meaningful navigation on site;
  • step-free access removed and details amplified in the station index;
  • fare zones subdued and not interfering with optimum station name placement;
  • fare zone number less obtrusive (smaller) but shown more frequently for clarity;
  • river services removed from the map and given their own space;
  • larger paper size still folds to the same size as the existing TfL map.
Click here for a free download of this map, complete with station and facilities index. It is designed to work at A3 and is a 2-page PDF. If you have access to an A3 printer that prints both sides (duplex), set it to long edge binding and then fold the print concertina style left to right as follows. With the map side facing you, fold it in half left to right. Open it back out and fold in the left-hand side by 70mm. Turn it over and fold that 70mm panel back on itself. Repeat the action on the right-hand side. You should now have five creases, six panels, left to right. Fold the whole thing in half so that the front cover opens in the bottom right-hand corner.

Let me know if you have downloaded the map so I can gauge interest, and also your views if you like.
E-mail: tube@dougrose.co.uk
Note: I will NOT pass your e-mail address to anyone else.

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